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I'm a freelance director, based in Belgium, with a big passion for snowboarding. I've spent some seasons in the Alps but with the arrival of a baby boy a couple of years ago, things changed a little and the time spent in the mountains got drastically less. Luckily I discovered WePowder and so my precious time on the board are short memorable powder filled trips.

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-30 om 23.03.14.

I mainly work in advertising but two years ago I finally combined my skills with the love for mountains and snow. This resulted in a short documentary about snowboarding in Iran: 'Persian Powder'.

Anker 1

If you would like to see some more of my work, I've made a small playlist.


somewhere in the 80ies


For me it all began at the age of ten, when I saw the movie Apocalypse Snow during the Nuit de la Glisse film festival and later on french tv. I probably saw the VIDEO2000 tape we recorded from that tv screening a thousand times. Damn that looked cool, gliding down the snow on a board, no sign of civilisation or groomed slopes anywhere. At sixteen I got my first snowboard, a Mistral Yukatan with which I learned the tricks of the trade on a plastic carpet slope, quite the opposite of fresh powder but it was a start. Through the years I went snowboarding more and more until at thirty, I decided to make it a full winter, my first real season in the mountains, winter 2004-2005. I kept combining my work as director with spending winters in the mountains af, even working as snowboard instructor for a while. 

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