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MePowder is a film about WePowder, its inspiring founder Maurice Mommen and our shared passion for freeriding.

This personal film will tell my story on one hand, about how I discovered the WePowder community and what that means. On the other hand it tells Maurice’s story, the one about WePowder and his newest venture: Powfinder. Our storylines intertwine in our quest for the deepest powder and the perfect turn. Join us on this journey, from accurate snow-forecasts to wild road trips, descents through snow packed forests and the daily routine back home.

I would like to show where the passion for deep powder originates and what thrives us in the search of fresh snow and why it makes us so happy.

It’s not my ambition to make the next ski-porn movie, it should go a lot deeper than that.


 For the love of powder... 


This movie will give an insight into the origins of WePowder.

It will show Maurice as the person behind MeteoMorris, how he's just a regular guy whose passion got him to where he is now.

 For me it's a way to translate what I love most into something tangible.

Above all I want to sketch a true to life image of what freeriding is, not avoiding the mundane.

It's not all instagram perfection.

This film should be an ode to the joy-hormones, a short retrospection to the early days of snowboarding and a true adventure, out on discovery and powdertrip thanks to WePowder.


Some more details

As mentioned above, this won't be a movie where only the sickest lines and coolest tricks are being shown. The focus is the human aspect of it all which doesn't mean we won't be showing some magnificent freeride footage. It’s my intention to give the viewer an immersive experience.

I rather see the film as an intimate portrait. Both Maurice and I are obsessed with freeriding but further more Maurice knows how to inspire thousands of people. How does he deal with that, how does his life look like in summer/aside from snowboarding?

I would like to make it an aesthetic experience as well. I'm very interested in (small) details and this is something that will be an important aspect of this movie. It's also what makes it more intimate. How does Maurice tie his laces, what kind of pictures are on his wall, what goes in his backpack when riding. How do his hands move when he's coaching his junior soccer team (yes, he does that too).

The mountains, the snow and the boarding down will be brought to life and shot in an attractive way, also full of details, hand touching the snow, the edge cutting in, powder spraying up close.

The rhythm of the movie is definitely slow, not everything needs to be a ‘rush’. Taking time, in our minds as well as in the image, is a part of what freeriding stands for, not taking hasty decisions.

My previous film ‘Persian Powder’ was screened all over the world at a lot of festivals and it’s our mission to do the same with this film. Once the movie is finished it will be sent to different festivals worldwide. The premiere should of course take place during the Freeride Film Festival in Amsterdam and after that, it can start it’s own long journey, including a launch on the WePowder website.

Further more I think this movie can show another side of freeriding, not only the spectacular but mainly the human side.

Once we can get enough enthusiasm for this project, this dossier will be optimised with visual references, scripted scenes, a provisional budget and a planning.

"May the powder be with you!"


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